Powerful SEO Tools

So today I decided to feature a topic about my “expertise”, that is websites and SEO in particular. I have a list of some powerful SEO tools I use, and as a web developer, it’s kind of a “must have” to know some set of arsenals to make the most of a website. Be it a kind of an eCommerce, a blog site, portfolio or a business website; the most important reason for its existence is for people to have access to it. Of course, it would be a let down to have a beautifully made website and not have any visitor from the intended audience.

For that reason, we need to persuade Search Engines like Google that a website is by far the most logical choice for that audience. So, everything we do in SEO is about showing search engines that our website deserves to be ranking at the top.

The following are personal preference but there are dozens out there that are also useful .



A well-rounded tool that you can use alone for your keyword research. This is relatively new and it offers free trial for 10 days.

Google Ads Keyword Planner


A good source of information for estimated traffic for keywords users are typing into Google’s search box. You’ll see how many times a keyword has been searched in detail.

Google Trends


Provides powerful results of search trends overtime and in real-time. It’s great for seeing demand changes over time. You can also select the trends on a particular region.



This list will not be complete without Moz. It has keyword analysis, brand monitoring, rank trackings, on-page SEO suggestions, search engine crawl test, and a lot more. They have so much to offer even for the free version.

Answer The Public


If you’re curious what people are talking about, then try Answer The Public. It generates a huge list of questions your customers are asking that relates to your keyword.

So, that’s my top five tools for SEO, like I said, there’s dozens more paid and free service you can use and to list them here would be a crime. I listed what for me is the easiest and relevant information that serves my needs.