Flowers Bloom

Fair weather. When someone asks me “what’s an ideal day to you?” That’s the answer the pops to mind. The sun is up excited to see you outside like a lapping dog to greet you in the morning. Having exposed to sunlight for a good number of minutes is actually a good mood booster (wow, that’s a lot of O’s).

I recommend spending 10 minutes every 7 up to 8 in the morning, I feel like its the best time to bask because any time outside that range could cause skin problems.

My wife loves the outdoors too so we really enjoy going out and nature tripping. In some occasions we would drive for hours just to appreciate a good air, and escape the noise of a crowd. Let freshness come by our system every so often.

I’ll be sharing you some of them on my Instagram feed here:

Of course our dog had to be there, right.

But I have to tell you, before getting here (usually by plane), is to know Cebu Pacific travel requirements I mean, with how the government’s handling the situation you can say the policies are volatile. So better be sure, than have a disappointing trip.