Thriving as Filipino Artists During the Pandemic

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A year after the onset of the pandemic we know by this time how much impact it had on our livelihoods and other industries including the arts sector. The closure of museums, galleries and malls has affected hundreds of Filipino artists in unprecedented ways. These places are important because they are venues for people who need to sell traditional art pieces and collectors.

While the whole world continues to struggle how to get back to normality, many people are looking for ways to tread through the daily challenges of earning a living through their art. Today, the most reasonable option is to move their activities online. Hence, Dry Brush was put into realization. The main purpose of Dry Brush is to provide everybody an opportunity to be an art collector—buying the masterpieces of our own Filipino artists. Whether they are a seasoned Filipino artist or still emerging, this is now an avenue to showcase their pieces to potential art collectors.

Filipino Artists and Collectors Will Love This

As an art collector, this site is perfect to browse through unique authentic works of art; the organizers of this page provide complimentary art consultancy for any commissioned artworks. Collectors can team up with the artists themselves and to the curators of the galleries to guarantee extraordinary customer experience.

For some, who needs to see the artwork personally, Dry Brush holds occasional pop-up stores to allow more interactions between artists and buyers.

Dry Brush home page
Captured from drybrush website

Dry Brush has many collections of curated art pieces of paintings, sculptures and plates from a lot of talented Filipino artists.

They accept credit card payments and they will process the shipping and handling of the item. If you’re a buyer from the Philippines the delivery fee is free of charge.

On a personal note, Dry Brush organizers did a great job putting up an opportunity for the art community in the Philippines to thrive in one of the most challenging times of our lives.

You can find out more about their services by visiting their website at or visit their social media accounts at facebook, ig, twitter and linkedin.

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dry brush ig gallery
sample images from their ig gallery

Note: This is not a paid advertisement for Dry Brush; I just truly appreciate the people behind for looking after the talented Filipino artists to make sure they can continue their passion during pandemic and beyond.